The World of Lucid dreaming because you can learn to delve into it too

World of Lucid dreaming

A lot of us tend to sleep a normal amount of hours each day, such as 6-8 right? but how would it be in the case you could go to sleep and dictate how your own dreams come about?, with the ability to expand all of your life experiences by travelling through time and space experiencing past and future events and meeting whoever you choose throughout the world?

Lucid dreaming is often a natural and exciting way to have adventures, try superhuman activities, practice for upcoming events, relive past experiences, or explore possible futures. As with the majority of talents, or skills out there, lucidity WILLL take practice and patience, and many report that as time passes their lucid experiences actually become much deeper, more frequent, and longer. There are two solutions to induce lucid dreams: wake-induced and sleep induced.

Supplementation is a great tool for those learning to lucid dream. Many natural herbs have been used throughout history by monks and tribal leaders to possess powerful and profound dreams. There are many supplements that can help to create incredible and detailed dreams, and of these very supplements I learned of many from “Lucid Dreaming Made Easy” Which I talk about further down in the article. Of the many dreams I’ve had, the most memorable dreams were learned from the supplements that the book introduced me too. A lot of these supps/herbs are legal too, but I’m not doing a whole article on supplements, so I’ll recommend one for good memory, which enhances dream recall.

Huperzine-A is the world of lucid dreaming. Research seems to dictate the fact that the better you are at recalling memories the better you are at lucid dreaming. This is where Huperzine A shines, it boosts your memory over time, which results in better memory formation and consolidation. A lot of people seem to wonder is lucid dreaming real, I assure you it is, try to teach yourself, I’ll be posting more articles focusing on it.

Is lucid dreaming real and the world of lucid dreaming

Before I even continue, do you know what a lucid dream actually is? If not, let me explain, or if you do, you may skip this paragraph. So how does lucid dreaming work? It is actually quite simple. Lucid dreaming is when you become conscious of the fact that you, yourself are able to act out the dream you are having, and will therefore control certain facets of the dream. This happens quite frequently, to numerous people, myself being one. The reality of lucid dreaming isn’t in question today, but some still dispute whether or not it actually does exist. From personal experience I can point out that on more than a few occasions I have noticed in a dream that I was indeed dreaming, and have an unusual measure of control over things. One of the very first things I wanted to know was how to lucid dream about flying! And boy when I finally did it, it was surreal…

First of all you the most important thing you need to realize and do when learning how to lucid dream is figure out how to remember your dreams. The reason for this should be obvious, if you cannot remember your dreams how do you know if you even have a lucid dream? You need to possess the ability to tell when you have realized you are actually indeed dreaming, during the dream. Prior to starting lucid dream induction techniques you need to set an ambition of remembering a minimum of one dream per night. Don’t expect to lucid dream if you don’t get much sleep, A good nights sleep is crucial for growing your dreaming abilities. Which will help you in many ways, first it can be a lot lesser of a hassle to record the dreams in the middle of the night, second it can help out with remembering the dream/s.

The world of possibilities when you go through that beautiful dreamy doorway between the waking life and the dream life. So how do we go about going in the direction to start having lucid dreams? Start by keeping a dream journal which assists you in remembering more of your dreams generally. Then set out to understand your “dream signs”, those strange issues that occurs only in your dreams. Constantly be aware of them within your waking life, such things as:
– a chance to walk through walls
– having the ability to jump very high – whenever you jump it’s almost tough to come down
– not to be able to call at your reflection
– using a distorted body (e.g. over 5 fingers on each hand)
– seeing other folks morph and change into different personas

If you improve your attitude and be inviting towards dreams, you open an organic and healthy channel of self-correction. According to psychologist Ernest Rossi, an important function of dreaming is integration, of separate psychological fragments in to a more balanced and all-encompassing personality.

Basically, if you want to know what the truth is: dreams are generally a barometer of your emotional health, a safety valve from the unconscious mind. Do you have the devotion or desire to rid your mind of memories of the past or completely forget something ever occurred? Well it seems your mind is showing you some vital information to inform you about yourself. It is indeed no different then ignoring your check engine light just because it annoys you. You very well understand the consequences in the event that eventually, something if going to happen if you don’t resolve the issue. This is the connection of dreams with our life. If you’re wise you employ their signals to heal your emotional self.

easiest way to lucid dream
      The easiest way to lucid dream

The more you learn about lucid dreaming, and work with it, the better it will sink into your subconscious. Tinker with the mind to create thoughts and things you want to experience prior to inducing sleep. Obviously there are tricks which can help get you there much faster, and many ways to learn how to induce lucid dreaming easily. You have to have something that’ll show you, that you are in fact dreaming, such as flicking your fingers like they do in movies.

Are you experiencing anything that is recurrent among your dreams? Take a few minutes and think about this and visualize yourself becoming aware of the dream once this trigger occurs. Once managing to recognize what the trigger is inside your dream, it will almost certainly mean you have become lucid. Even if it’s for some seconds, when you have made the 1st “waking” from the dream, it becomes much easier in the future.

If you want learn all the know how about lucid dreaming, and want to learn how to become a lucid dreamer, I recommended “Lucid Dreaming Made Easy”. I covered it in another article, really just check out the testimonials. It was the only thing that actually helped me to be able to lucid dream, and there is tons of bonuses right now! Read below for the positive aspects! Just want to throw it out there, that lucid dreaming is INCREDIBLE.

  • Recall Your Dreams Plain As Day – No problem!
  • Experience breathtaking life-like dreams, that you’d think were actually reality!
  • Experience your dream for as long as you can go!
  • Enhance your confidence by being in control of WHO you really are in the dream world
  • Travel to worlds YOU create, Experience Alternate realities! & Live the life YOU want with no limits!
  • Spit in the face of your Fears and Conquer Your Phobias – Come face to face with the things you fear most to OVERCOME them!
  • Your Creativity Level is ENDLESS – Inspire yourself in your dreams
  • Have Mind-Boggling Out of Body Experiences
  • Satisfy Your Minds Most Intimate Fantasies – You’re COMPLETELY in control, you are your CREATOR.
  • And Anything you could possibly Dream to DO or BE!

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