What are lucid dreams ? And do lucid dreaming devices work ?

What are lucid dreams ? And do lucid dreaming devices work ?

What are lucid dreams ? It is a skill that can be learned and practiced, even perfected. Even if you don’t ordinarily remember your basic dreams, regularly engaging in practices that will increase your ability to remember them, and then to become “lucid” or consciously awake within them is very possible, through many methods.

Some methods to understand include trying to test having one for yourself, either by learning through the means of text by searching online, as to how you found this site right? Understanding what are lucid dreams by using dream herbs is a possible method, you can also use lucid dreaming devices such as the rem dreamer to induce lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreams generally occur while you are in the middle of a regular dream and suddenly realize that you are dreaming.  It remains somewhat controversial because because consider it new age, kind of like out of body experiences. Just things not everyone tends to believe in. There’s is actual science behind lucid dreaming, though.  It can happen when you’re fully asleep, but become consciously aware that you’re dreaming basically.

How to induce lucid dreams and lucid dreaming devices

You should also check out self help books by experts which will help you understand what are lucid dreams, they can also provide a secondary benefit, since anything that you do in your waking life can also have an effect on dream state, it can become a powerful method to controlling your dreams and triggering an experience of a life time!  Lucid dreaming is the awareness of the fact that you are actually dreaming.  It is a skill that must be learned, but even people who do it regularly may only do so once or twice a month.

Lucid Dreaming devices is a new trend that is appearing specializing in usually high-end, virtual-reality based lucid dreaming devices which makes the art of being conscious in the dream state and being able to control the dream scape a lot more easily attainable to the common person.

The Rem Dreamer will help you with your dream recall, and if you are persistent with it and wait for the benefits to be achieved you will be satisfied with your purchase. It’s like most lucid dreaming devices out there really. I wear mine the second half of my night, I will set my alarm for 4 hours after I go to sleep, wake up and put on my REM dreamer. I find this is an excellent way to start using this lucid dreaming device and getting serious results.

Stop asking yourself what are lucid dreams and attempt to have one for yourself, and come to the alternate universe us dreamers know. The general consensus on lucid dreaming devices seems to be mixed, a lot of people say they do work, and then there are others that say they don’t, my REM Dreamer, worked for me. Let me know if you’ve tried one! Also, there is nothing “new” relating to this sort of dreaming. It isn’t an “invention” either. This is something that can be defined by the dreamers themselves since it is a special and subjective experience. It may even be said that this phenomenon of getting a lucid dream is as human, and as natural as eating or sleeping.

Lucid dreaming is oftentimes misunderstood. Some people think lucid dreams are supernatural or mystical for some reason and think that they can avoid getting them, little do they know they’ve probably had one. Lucid dreaming,all happens inside your head, the same as a thought, it’s your subconscious. The only difference between an average dream plus a lucid dream is you’re conscious and aware of the dream. That’s it. It’s all taking place in your head. If you realize that you are indeed aware, then you’ll be able to change how your dream plays out. It’s like training. Everyone has muscles but if you opt to work them out and increase the size of those muscles, then you’re changing your control over them. Same with your dreams and lucid dreaming. Everyone has dreams whilst the only difference in a lucid dream, is that you’re now aware within said dream that you’re indeed dreaming.

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