Waking up Paralyzed | Sleep paralysis and the old hag

Waking up Paralyzed | Sleep paralysis and the old hag
Waking up Paralyzed | Sleep paralysis and the old hag

Most people will have their first experience with sleep paralysis by waking up paralyzed, when they’re sleep deprived and that causes your mind to wake up but not your body. Of course if you’re aware that you’re paralyzed in sleep state, you’ve probably already experienced it if you’ve found my article. Try to avoid anything which messes with your sleep cycles if you’re looking to resolve it. The old hag is just another term for sleep paralysis.

I remember the first time I experienced it, I was completed paralyzed, all of a sudden something grabbed my head and turned it sideways, it was a demon looking me eye to eye, from then on I was terrified, from my research online sleep paralysis and demons are one in one.

Sleep paralysis seems to effect REM sleep into inducing us into waking up paralyzed, which associated with muscle paralysis causes the fact of you being awake, but paralyzed in sleep. Most people tend to think they’re just having paralyzing dreams at first.

Recurring sleep paralysis which often involves hallucinations, seems to be caused by a sleep disorder. Sleep paralysis is relatively common, according to a 2011 systematic review published in Sleep Medicine Reviews.

A 2005 study by Simard and Nielsen also looked into links between sleep paralysis, social anxiety and depression. They found higher levels of social anxiety in participants who suffered from sleep paralysis with sensed presence than those participants who did not sense a presence during sleep paralysis. They suggest someone who is socially anxious in waking life may be more likely to generate the threatening hallucination of an evil presence during dreams in REM sleep, and subsequently in sleep paralysis. They also suggest that the hallucinatory images may replicate or represent prior traumatic social events. ”

Sleep paralysis old hag and waking up paralyzed in sleep

Moreover, a 2015 study published in the Journal of Sleep Research notes that sleep paralysis is moderately heritable. In 2002, a study looked into the relationship between sleep paralysis and stories of alien abduction . Perhaps alien abduction is our modern myth. Maintaining good sleep habits are not just necessary for sleep paralysis management, but for overall health and wellness.

People who often wake up paralyzed experience sleep paralysis which will have various different kinds of terrifying experiences. There are many accounts of sleep paralysis throughout history and across cultures, and seemingly, from my research a lot of people tend to have very similar visions while in that state.

I have had many sleep paralysis experiences and one month I had them almost every single night, that was quite the sleep paralysis experiences to have, some are etched in my brain, permanently. Experiencing sleep paralysis can be an extremely nerve wracking experience, but typically only lasts no longer than 5 minutes for most people. Unlike nightmares, people who experience sleep paralysis are actually awake, people who have an experience of waking up paralyzed tend to feel like some horrible, evil being is near them.

Around 20 to 40 percent of people experience waking up paralyzed at least once in their life. Students are more likely to experience waking up paralyzed as frequent sleep paralysis seems to efffect as many as 28 percent of students reporting it . Basically it is being conscious, but unable to move any of your extremities and only your eyes seem to work. If you have never experienced it yourself, then consider yourself extremely damn lucky.

I experienced sleep paralysis on several occasions when I was in college. Sleep paralysis occurs when your brain awakens from REM sleep before the rest of your body is awake. Sometimes waking up paralyzed comes with feelings of falling, floating or dissociating from the body . Many experts link anxiety to sleep paralysis episodes .

it can be very frightening, but it is never dangerous, and thankfully, episodes usually last only a few minutes. Recurring episodes are often seen in patients suffering from the disorder narcolepsy. All patients with sleep paralysis and narcolepsy need medical attention and treatment. Although it is a symptom of narcolepsy, it is also common in healthy people. It’s also been found in animals and is a symptom of narcolepsy in dogs.

It is caused when these chemicals are released too soon or too late in the sleep cycle. I suspect that most sleep paralysis experiences are caused by folks in the shadow world messing with our astral body… Losing focus during sleep paralysis is a bad idea, come to terms with the fact anything you witness isn’t real- It’s easy to panic or become afraid in this stage.

While the mechanisms behind why we wake up paralyzed remain murky, but don’t stress and worry, remember, waking up paralyzed is just caused by sleep paralysis is nothing to worry about. You may ask yourself why do i get sleep paralysis, it’s hard to say really, until more research is done. Unfortunately there isn’t a sleep paralysis cure from my research I’ve done online, if you do know how to cure sleep paralysis please let me know in the comments.

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