The only Lucid Dreaming Facts Resource you will ever need

The only Lucid Dreaming Facts Resource you will ever need

  • It is the experience of being completely conscious of the fact that you are in a dream.
  • It’s potential depends on you, anything and everything is possible.
  • It gives dreamers a sense of self-awareness and control over their dreams.
  • It is a scientifically studied and recognized state of dreaming.
  • It is as natural as meditation or the practice of mindfulness.
  • It has been experimented with as a treatment for chronic nightmares.

More Lucid dreaming facts, Common facts about lucid dreaming

  • Lucid dreaming itself is just as restful as a regular dream.
  • It is not typically a part of mainstream psychological treatment.
  • It has a rich and fascinating history and modern science is helping us understand it better.
  • Other people may use it to prepare for real-life events.
  • It is a common symptom in those suffering from narcolepsy.
  • It can be extremely difficult to master .
  • As a natural phenomenon it has surely existed as long as dreams have.
  • The astral plane can be your playground, which means anything you put your mind to can be achieved in a dream state.

Even more lucid dreaming facts! The less known facts about lucid dreaming

  • It is a learn-able skill, but it doesn’t follow the arc of most practices.
  • It like all worthwhile activities, has its share of downsides.
  • There are many things to learn from the dream world just like there are many things to learn from real life, it’s just how you choose to see it.
  • WILD is a tried and true method for lucid dreaming.
  • Experts agree that everyone is capable of having lucid dreams.
  • Lucid dreams can help you start overcoming depression, which could probably help situational depression.
  • It’s just a dream and you can conquer your nightmares by using it to face your fears.
  • Although WILD is the most commonly used method, DILD is actually easier.

I hope you enjoyed my lucid dreaming facts article… see below for tips to lucid dream!!

Dream Leaf is a supplement that can induce lucid dreaming, many of it’s ingredients are known to affect the dream state.

It remains a popular herb among many of the online lucid forums. It can cause your dreams to be highly abstract and creative and much more vivid. Mugwort can also enhance dream recall, I have an article on it here.

Next, this book will prepare you for lucid dreaming by helping you to remember much more little details of your dreams (dream recall).

This book attempts to teach the skills that can help you to have lucid dreams  — dreams in which you’re completely aware and able to act out what you want inside of said dream. That’s all the lucid dreaming facts I got, at least for now!

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