Rem Dreamer – The BEST Lucid Dreaming Device

Rem Dreamer The best lucid dreaming device
Rem Dreamer : The best lucid dreaming device

Mugwort can be used for Lucid dreaming so can the REM dreamer, mugwort has long been used by many cultures for prophetic dreaming and astral traveling
(its name literally translates to “Dream Plant”). Smoking mugwort (my favorite method) directly into the lungs, or if you prefer the non smoking route, you can also burn it as an incense as it seems to assist with lucid dreaming this way as well. You may also drink the calming tea method before sleeping which may also keep you inside your dream even longer which effects REM sleep, kind of like the rem dreamer.This herb can often help one heal while dreaming. User reports on the internet suggest some people tend to have darker dreams revealing hidden insights and helping them find certain closure to stories they’ve had or issues in their lives. Aside from the intensification of experiencing visual imagery during your sleep, Mugwort intensifies the brilliance of your dreams and duration and quality of sleep you’ll have. It’s also popular for joint pains, headaches and even menstrual cramps. Mugwort can be used along with your lucid dreaming device.

Rem sleeper and lucid dreaming devices more info

“The Dreamer now features a new method of inducing lucid dreams. Our newest model enables two-way communication between the sleeping person and the REM Dreamer. Researchers have confirmed that, while sleeping and dreaming, people move their eyes in the same directions that they do in their dreams. This fact helped inspire the creation of the TWC (Two-Way-Communication) technology. The TWC technology enables communication between the Dreamer and the sleeping person during the dreaming state.”

The rem dreamer remains my favorite lucid dreaming device on the net, for price and quality. Now when it comes to lucid dreaming steps for beginners its best to start through supplements or plant extracts that can cause lucid dreaming, now some people might not recommend lucid dreaming steps for beginners that involve supplements etc, it’s a very good method and it worked for me  along with this Ebook. So it’s entirely up to you whether you want to go this route or the old fashioned route.

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