How to boost libido and sex drive

Now, this is a fun one to delve into because who doesn’t want a better libido or feel more sexually active right? Well I’ve tried many supplements over my years of searching and I’ve got 3 that I will guarantee will rev up that libido of yours, hey it might even give you the sexual stamina you never even realized you had! Suffering from ED can often cause us severe depression, which with some peoples makes them ask themselves I have no reason to live, or does depression go away? Yes you deserve to live, and yes depression does go away!

Horny Goat Weed is a godsend to the libido scene, it’s my all time personal favorite aside from the one I’ll be mentioning here shortly. This supplement right here benefits both men and women, so women take note! The active ingredient in this plant is Icariin which acts almost as similar as viagra I should note, and well over half the cost as well! It also supports bone health, physical and mental fatigue, high blood pressure among other things… but you’re reading for the libido properties am I right? You’ll know how to boost libido and sex drive by the end of my series on it!

WELL…. A study on horny goat weed as I mentioned above notes it’s similarities to viagra and even notes that it’s a healthier and costlier alternative to the pharmaceutical option out there for ED, sexual dysfunction ETC. Horny goat weed is also used to treat ailments such as kidney yang deficiency, which can include symptoms such as impotence, infertility, urinary frequency, forgetfulness, social withdrawal, and pain in the back of the knees.

how to boost libido and sex drive
how to boost libido and sex drive

It is a kidney tonic and is used to increase libido (interest in sex). As maintaining healthy kidney health is quite important for healthy aging and many other bodily processes. Anxiety, panic attacks and even fear can also be signs of a kidney deficiency. This deficiency also presents itself to the person with cold feet and hands, and general coldness of the body as symptoms. It benefits are also used to treat spasms, cramps in the hands and feet, joint pain and even numbness in the extremities, now isn’t that quite pleasant? Hows that for showing you how to boost libido and sex drive! I hope you’re marriage or relationship, whether with your hand or parter now looks like the image to the side 😉

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