Whats OCD stand for? What is OCD? The telltale signs of OCD

If you landed on this page because you searched for whats OCD stand for, I’ve clearly laid it out for you above. Anyways, if you’re here because you think you may be suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder check out this self test. OCD is grouped together with many other tension disorders, which is why I recommend a personal doctor visit, and not self diagnosing, this test is just to see how similar you are to the common symptoms.

OCD and depression are two in one, try overcoming depression and having OCD at the same time, It doesn’t making overcoming depression easy I tell ya! I’ve been fighting depression, soicial anxiety disorder, OCD, all of my life.

If you’ve suffered from OCD in many different areas of your life, I can relate to you on that. Tell me about them in the comments below as well, I love to hear from people.you’re facing in your life. OCD will affect your overall quality of life,  there are many The long-term effects of OCD generally develop due to the poor quality of life that most extreme sufferers have. But try and Remember, your OCD behaviors are symptoms, it doesn’t define who you are as a person.

OCD interferes with so much of your life, your social and relationships, your job, schooling, and many other aspects of a your life, as someone suffering from OCD will experience disruption in daily life. Many of us with OCD experience moderate to extreme symptoms and behaviors. Obsessive compulsive disorder seems to be prevalent in patients with eating disorders as well as depression and anxiety.

The way you react to your own OCD symptoms has a big impact. If you are dating or know someone with OCD, do not bother them with about their ceremonys, it’s about them, not you. The random acts of repetitiveness that people with OCD  suffer from can severely affect many aspects of your life or a persons life and not only this, romantic relationships can sometimes be quite difficult .

Whats OCD stand for? What is OCD? More about Obsessive compulsive disorder

I and I bet many other people suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder understand that we can’t help ourselves when it comes to stuff that bothers us or the random ceremony’s we do, it’s just that we don’t understand why we have this problem and we can’t really help it.

We attempt to stop doing these repetitive acts but to no avail, we just obsess constantly some of us are fighting depression as well, and we can suffer from other illnesses aside from these too, like me, not only do I have OCD and depression, but I also suffer from social anxiety disorder. It’s a common misconception that everyone affected by OCD is just an obsessive cleaner, or good organizer….theres more to the disorder than that but I tell you can we ever make a room look good.

Those that are afflicted by situational depression and are currently suffering from OCD, most medications can handle all of your symptoms but remember this is just a remedy, it doesn’t solve the actual problem. If you are currently afflicted by situational depression and are going through a tough time then I recommended this anxiety self help book, it can also help with OCD, panic disorders among many of the anxiety spectrum.

Understanding situational depression and start overcoming depression

Throughout my life, my OCD has been my way to try overcoming depression, or distract myself in social situations, I’m not sure. All I know is I’m thankful I asked myself whats OCD stand for because I never heard of it before when I was younger. This book can help people with OCD to control their distress and reduce their overall anxiety levels, which can help you get out of your habits if you have anxiety, or OCD, or panic ETC!

Remember, OCD is not something we can stop with medication, all medication is doing is hiding your symptoms… it doesn’t treat the root of your problems. We may suffer from OCD but, we are who we are. Please look around my site if you’re suffering from more than just situational depression as I offer help and advice on many subjects.

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