This is how we feel when we are depressed. Depression Awareness 2017!

See, theres a lot of things us humans have in common, and then misconceptions, which some people think that people just create their own negative thinking. Obviously if we were able to permanently stop it anytime, we would do that and not beat ourselves up. If you really thought that is how to know if someone is depressed by making it up, I am sure they would of made it happen a long time ago instead of suffering so deeply inside. At the same time this simple awareness of what depression is, and does can help with permanently turning off that “voice” mentally, where that negativity originates. So what to do when you are tired of life?

This is how we feel when we are depressed. Depression Awareness 2017!
This is how we feel when we are depressed. Depression Awareness 2017!

How we feel when we are depressed, Like victims – buffeted through the rough winds of life. We cannot grasp onto any situation that is solid so that we can pull ourselves from the storm, we often experience thoughts such as “I have no reason to live” or “I am tired of life“. Either we have seen only unfairness or we stoop to martyrdom and believe we deserve nothing better. We have lost our feeling of reason and now we can’t seem to take a good view at our circumstances and address what exactly is fact and what exactly is fiction.

When we are depressed we can’t be bothered with our own potential. We cannot lift our heads enough to determine that people have true value on this gracious planet. We cannot give ourselves and everything inside us when it comes to close relationships because we become distant together with those we love. We care less regarding how we look or we add too much whenever we go out to become a mask to the world. We stumble through our day looking for some meaning on the feelings that ravage us. We lose the drive we need to pursue our true traits, characteristics, personality and skills and in this, compromise our soul in route.

When it is possible to realize that the truth is not the same as your beliefs, you are able to stop squandering your time constantly upsetting yourself. You can then become more liberated to take advantage of the holidays, vacations, days off etc, thoughtfully picking and selecting the activities that you might want to engage in, purchasing (or otherwise not purchasing) based on your budget plus your own desires, and setting your priorities depending on yourself or with individuals that share your values and interests.

Often times I found myself saying “I have no one in my life”  as depression is hard to undergo and for good reason, making you feel as if it’s only  you in this world, and no one cares. It happens whenever your mental abilities are flooded with negative chemicals. These are chemicals which are associated to pessimism. So the greater negative thinking you do the more negative chemicals which are released into the brain and throughout your body. You may even feel the fight or flight response. However, we are obviously aware that there is no danger. Fear is one area you can neither hold, nor smell, nor taste, nor hear. It’s composed of being entirely inside your mind and the way that you respond to that thought will determine whether you are afraid or you aren’t.

However, It seems that the designer of the universe felt that our pain is useful to us in someway. It is our gift whenever we finally accept it as a loving part of who we are. It is the most invaluable lesson that lies deep inside each of us. Everyone discovers what it’s all about as part of our own time, the content of how fragile our lives are and exactly how brief our time is on this green green earth.


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