Supplements for depression and weight loss

Supplements for depression and weight loss

We want Supplements for depression and weight loss. People looking to lose weight have no doubt searched for supplements for depression and weight loss. I’m sure everyone on this planet knows a few people that are obsessed with losing weight, or people that are overweight or simply people that you may work with, or know some other way.  They all tend to complain about their weight problems but don’t tend to resolve their issues, they search about diets and supplements, but always end up doing nothing at all about it. Does depression go away? sure does!

Supplements for depression and weight loss:  Green tea extract:

Green tea just happens to also contain 2 other nootropics in it, caffiene and L-theanine. Now I covered caffiene above so I just won’t to do a brief passage on l-theanine. L-theanine is probably the most recommended nootropic for anxiety on the many nootropic sites, so if you suffer from anxiety it will probably be good to check this one out too. Anyways, caffeine obviously wakes you up we know this, and now l theanine helps improve your mood…getting the idea? You’ll get the motivation to exercise longer since it improves your endurance. It’s loaded with antioxidants one of them which helps your metabolism.

Green tea like the other weight loss supplements will break down those pesky fat cells and use them for energy.  Where green tea really shines is when you exercise, it will help you to keep on going, and then it’ll still help you burn fat even when you’re watching tv… that doesn’t mean be lazy! Theres many studies on green tea as well and it’s another very popular one among researchers, there’s tons of studies done even on obese individuals.

Bottom line is, it’s worth adding and even considering by itself. Your metabolism improves, you’ll wanna eat less, you’ve got energy you didn’t have before, heck it burns fat while you’re being lazy!

Using Green tea extract:
The idea with green tea is you want a good percentage of EGCG, because this tends to be the high quality stuff, also be aware if you’re using caffeine that green tea also contains caffeine so be aware of how much you consume if you use both supplements. Trust me, I tend to think green tea extract wakes you up more than caffeine does. The typical dosage tends to be in the 300-400 MG range.

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