Signs of Clinical Depression, Do I Have Depression?

If you feel like you may be experiencing signs of clinical depression, and you ask yourself “Do I have depression”, seek help asap, it is a serious disease , so don’t wait. It is an extremely hard time trying to get through fighting depression when some depressive episodes can be brutal, it has many risk factors related to it such as heart issuesand that’s just one risk factor, it can increase your chances to abuse substances. It is also an effect of many illnesses, such a bipolar and with the well known chronic illness schizophrenia.

Clinical depression is a real illness that requires professional help. Comprehensive treatment often includes both individual and family therapy, if you are suffering from situational depression, or fighting depression in a more mild form, you can go the natural route… If you need to learn more browse my sites category’s and I highly recommend the book I link in my sidebar. If you are showing signs of clinical depression please seek help…Overcoming depression alone is possible, but a physician is always recommended.

The majority of people going to therapy tend to suffer from some form of depression, notice how on movies shrinks are usually shown with depressed people on couches? It will affect most people at least once in their lives. It is feeling sad, blue, unhappy, or down in the dumps. Clinical depression is more than feeling sad or stressed, it’s a constant battle overcoming depression. It’s a continuing condition that can interrupt regular activity.

The signs of clinical depression can leave you feeling hollow, down in the dumps, your life feels out of control, your thoughts are mostly of dying, or death, your feelings and emotions are highly affected, your behaviors and attitudes toward life change, you feel hopeless, among many other things.

More signs of clinical depression

The signs of clinical depression are usually brought into notice when such feelings of sadness seem to be constant and much disruption seems to surround your life which seems to persist for longer than two weeks. It is a serious disorder involving severe unhappiness, low motivation, insomnia, sleeping a lot, guilt, as well as hopelessness that seems to last for months on end or even longer.

It not only affects adults, it also can have an effect on an adolescent’s body, mood, and thoughts. There are many forms of depression, and clinical depression is a severe subtype.  It can cause physical problems such as insomnia, chest pain, fatigue, headaches, and more. Depression is known to be a cause of pain as a side effect as well.

Remember if you are showing signs of clinical depression to get it checked out, it is a disorder that affects the way a person normally thinks, how they’re feeling emotionally and tends to have an effect on their daily routines, in many bad ways. It is a medical problem—it is a mood disorder that can interfere with all aspects of your daily life. It is a common mental disorder. It is one part of bipolar disorder. Depression is NOT a normal part of growing older, and simply ignoring it won’t help you in fighting depression in the end.

As i mentioned earlier, many people fighting depression tend to abuse substances such as marijuana or alcohol which is a way to self cope and numb the emotions that they’re feeling , especially with alcohol. It is all too often a gateway into  drug and alcohol use . It can be mild, moderate, or severe. Overcoming depression without alcohol and drugs is very very possible.

Depression can occur simply from a trauma such as the loss of a loved one causing situational depression, or it can recur throughout a person’s life. It is a common problem in older adults.The causes of depression are many but some of them include, environmental, genetics, even being around negativity, how you are brought up, a recent trauma which can cause situational depression, it can even occur because of psychical factors, depression can and will occur at any time over a person’s life.

The many signs of clinical depression can not be ignored, it’s not just you “feeling unhappy” if it isn’t going away, if it’s a constant feeling, you’re more than likely suffering from depression because it can cause many symptoms that affects quality of life. Theres a lot more to depression than simply being unhappy because things aren’t going well right now. Depression is a very treatable mental illness, don’t stop fighting depression. Start overcoming depression.

If you feel you may be suffering or are starting to form signs of clinical depression, I’m sorry. I’ve been depressed since I was a teenager so I know where you are right now, it’s treatable, don’t suffer alone.

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