What to do if someones having a panic attack

Anxiety is not a great feeling it causes great amounts of discomfort and fear into a persons life. Nobody is excluded from anxiety as perhaps the simplest of daily happenings can trigger it ( in fact many of us get bad luck or bad days every now and again ). Such as just sitting around thinking of an important test or exam will usually purge a little anxiety and fear. If a person with panic disorder is just phoning up a person they’re are not use to talking to or calling about bills it can cause those dreaded butterflies – almost anything can cause anxiety in a person.

Many folks now looking into having panic attack therapy have reached out to their healthcare provider because they thought they were having a heart attack, because that’s what the symptoms feel like. The moment when they tell you that it was not a heart related illnesse, but a panic attack is when most perople realize they have a problem. If someone you know is suffering from panic attack there are many medication approved treatment procedures. Essentially the most typically prescribed remedies for anxiety attacks and normal anxiousness include even some antidepressants, which can give off zero-stress.

People who have experienced panic disorder are generally afraid that they may experience another attack, and it just consumes them, if your friend is suffering from a panic attack stay by them and comfort them, tell them that’s its all in their heads. Most of all, they’re afraid that a major and ultimate attack could finally push them over the edge. For this reason, they have a tendency to vary their behavior and routine to never doing that one or two things that will trigger another panic episode. If it’s an area that is causing panic to your friend get them out of the area.

The most important fact to understand about anxiety attacks, although they’re both spontaneous and situational, it simply will not harm a persons system. Panic attacks don’t cause strokes, or some other serious physical problems. In addition, anxiety attacks don’t necessary mean you can faint, injure yourself, or lose control of yourself. A person having a panic attack is capable of doing many things. Let them know you’re learning what to do if someones having a panic attack and that you’re here for them.

Yes panic attacks cause terrible feelings, and they’re the worst possible feelings..however they tend not to cause loss of consciousness or loss of control of one’s body. You might think that you may lose control, but that will never happen. Panic is usually a normal response to danger and, therefore, is itself not dangerous. They are the body`s normal alarm going off telling them something is wrong. And then, because they’re inappropriate triggering frightening self-doubt within a person they tend to ask themselves “What is wrong with me?“.

Some doctors recommend the usage of anti-anxiety medications to prevent the aggravation with the condition every time a anxiety attack is activated. However, medications can only do so much, but some people do need them. If your friend isn’t on any medications and seems to panic a lot they need to see someone, encourage them to do so.

Medications are only prescribed to prevent the worsening in the situation along with the order to counteract anyone from inflicting pain on themselves. In the end, there is absolutely no medication around which could ultimately cure panic disorder and anxiety attacks. Getting to the bottom of the situation and helping them to start identifying the cause of their panic disorder would be the only cure. In learning what to do if someones having a panic attack you’re telling your lover or friend that you’re there for them. They need someone to help them through such an ordeal.

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