Symptoms of stress disorder and anxiety

There isn’t anyone in this world who doesn’t have interaction in some kind of “habit”…and often on a daily basis. Some individuals walk quick, whereas others twist their hair, let’s say. while most of those are literally benign behaviors, you must recognize that there are some habits that truly may be symptoms of stress disorder or that you simply suffer from anxiety. Below are 10 of the foremost common behaviors that individuals typically mistakenly refer to as “habits, while not realizing that they’ll be making an attempt to compensate for feeling anxious And here are the behavioral symptoms of stress disorder and anxiety disorder:

1. Smoking – such a large amount of individuals smoke currently…although several are learning that it will cause great damage to their health. There are several smoking cessation programs accessible that one will access. Note that smoking is commonly a telltale sign of symptoms of stress disorder and anxiety.

2. Biting nails – Biting nails. I hate biting nails, it just looks so disgusting, and im almost ashamed when I’m seen biting nails, but…Thousands of individuals bite their nails each day. This normally doesn’t do abundant damage to individuals, except that it’s going to cause infection round the nail. pay attention to the very fact that you simply could also be partaking in “biting nails” as a result of you are feeling nervous and stressed. This is in the same kind of damage as skin picking. When it comes to skin picking, you usually have to rip out the nail on an edge and then skin picking occurs, we tear it out and the result is usually, blood…

3. Hair pulling – this is often more common than individuals assume. Some individuals pull hair out from numerous regions of the body (eyelashes, eyebrows, scalp, etc…) once they feel anxious regarding one thing. usually this can be done unconsciously. If done often and in excess, it will result in hair-loss, and will be a symptom of a additional serious disorder called “trichotillomania” (a close relative of a disorder referred to as OCD-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). simply note that this might indicate that you simply have anxiety.

4. Leg Bouncing – This cannot do any damage to you…except to drive others nut looking at you bounce your leg! but, it may well be a sign to you that you simply have to be compelled to relax more and are plagued by anxiety.

5. Foot tapping – This cannot cause any issues, on the other hand to bother others who are looking at you tap your feet! though…your feet would possibly get tired! Bear in mind that “foot tapping” could also be over simply a habit…it may indicate that you simply are wired.

Five more behavioral symptoms of stress disorder / anxiety disorder:

6. overeating – Most folks like to eat! however if done in excess, it might cause significant weight gain and result in a range of health issues. Comfort foods, reminiscent of brownies, cookies, fast food, and different high-sugar/high-fat snacks will cause fat. keep in mind that your “habit” of overeating could also be a transparent sign of anxiety.

7. under-eating – this might produce a problem therein you’ll not get adequate nutrition and you’ll lose significant amounts of weight, that is referred to as “anorexia” within the medical world. it’s essential to induce the correct vitamins and minerals so as to remain healthy. Please note that undereating may well be a sign that you simply have anxiety.

8. Oversleeping – this is often famous within the medical world as “hypersomnia”. It cannot do any damage to you, however if you’re oversleeping you’ll be depressed. Depression is a close relative of anxiety, thus bear in mind that you simply could have “hypersomnia” because you suffer from anxiety.

9. Undersleeping – this is often better-known within the medical world as “insomnia” and may impact what is referred to as cortisol levels. cortisol is a hormone that’s effected once sleep is insufficient. Balanced cortisol levels are extremely essential to having correct sleep, and therefore keeping anxiety at a minimum. If you’ve got “insomnia”, then this could be a clear indicator that you simply are having symptoms of stress disorder

10. Skin picking – This “habit” will cause damage to you, therein it’s going to produce scarring or infection to the realm that’s being picked. Note that skin picking is typically done by those who engage in this “habit” do it to alleviating stress or anxiety as skin picking is satisfying to them for some reason. There are four straightforward steps to assist you to better perceive your “habit” and its cause: This one is just as bad as Biting nails but they tend to go hand in hand together. Skin picking doesn’t come without biting nails, haha.

Step 1. listen to your own behavior, and spot your own physical symptoms of stress disorder and anxiety disorder without feeling anxious

Step 2. ask others what habits they see you partaking in, of which you’ll be unaware.

Step 3. Document in a journal what these habits are, and once you interact in them. (e.g. “I appear to pace simply before an enormous test in class.”)

Step 4. Over time, you’ll establish a pattern of once you interact in a very specific habit, and therefore pinpoint the cause.

Those are the common symptoms of stress disorder

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