How to Overcome Panic Attacks by yourself at home Stop Severe Anxiety!

How to overcome panic attacks by yourself at home stop severe anxiety
Learn how to overcome panic attacks by yourself at home!

Severe anxiety is like a battle of wills- with yourself, it really can make or break you in the moment. It is not life-threatening. It is caused by significant stress going on in the individual’s life at that very moment. Panic attacks can feel as if they have symptoms of other health problems, such as an erratic heart beat, or heart palpitations, so these problems need to be ruled out. You’ll hopefully learn how to overcome anxiety by the end of this article.

When you are experiencing a panic attack, it is a strong feeling of fright which can be caused for reasons unknown to you, or a stress-er in your life that when it’s around it causes you to panic. It’s possible for it to be a one time event, caused by trauma or, a drug even. If you experience them often, it’s clearly an ongoing problem that needs to be resolved.

Learning how to overcome panic attacks is necessary for people suffering from them, as I know how they are, your hearts thumping, it feels as if you’re gonna die or have a heart attack, it’s a god-awful experience. When I had my first panic attack, I thought my heart was exploding, I never experienced such severe anxiety like that before… then you develop this constant heart failure fear. Unstable blood glucose can cause severe anxiety attack symptoms and panic attacks in some cases as well.

Anxiety/Panic disorders have many sub-types which are referred to as many things, but in my article we will stick with panic attacks. When you become diagnosed with having panic disorder, it’s usually because it’s starting to affect your quality of life, you tend to skip work or school because these places give you severe anxiety.

This severe anxiety and panic usually lasts for quite a few minutes and you just want to run away from everything, but if you’re at a job you kind of can’t right? Thats when you need to fix your problem. If you feel you may be having heart trouble, and are young and experiencing panic attacks, I assure you that the symptoms you’re feeling are anxiety and not the condition of your heart.

When you have a panic attack, you may only have a few symptoms while other people have multiple, the most common in everyone seems to be racing thoughts and pounding heart (tachycardia) Panic attacks can make your fear worse, as in the long run having them over and over is going to be mentally damaging to you, you’ll start to fear even the panic attack itself, causing you to experience severe anxiety more. It’s treatable and possible to get rid of, remember medication from the doctor is only a remedy, it just hides the symptoms. The root of the problem needs t0 be fixed, which is learning how to overcome panic attacks which is possible.

You can learn how to overcome panic attacks and severe anxiety by using breathing techniques if you’re going through a panic attack to calm you down, as well as doing something to distract yourself, as the very least resort. Controlling breathing worked well for me in some situations, and try to remember that over-breathing is common among those afflicted by regular panic attack symptoms and severe anxiety.

There are some health conditions or medications out there that may cause panic attack symptoms, marijuana is known to cause panic attacks in people as an example. If you’re having trouble explaining what you’re going through to a doctor, or understanding it yourself, remember panic attack disorder is a severe anxiety disorder and needs to be understood to fix.

It’s common to think that you may be suffering from a heart attack, that’s just a panic attack starting to begin. It can be very similar to many other tension disorders, Learning how to overcome panic attacks is best treated early. Many studies out there that people suffering from this affliction have at least one panic attack daily. Most people who are afflicted by this condition, you probably developed the fear of having one again, which further affected you into developing this disorder.

Due to the fact that the original panic attack that caused you severe anxiety that lead you to develop the constant worry of having more panic attacks. Then you start thinking you have heart problems, that you’re starting to lose yourself and embarrass yourself in front of people.

These are all typical worries of losing control. I cured my disorder with self help for depression and anxiety guides online, and many were kind of bogus. None the less I found something that worked personally for me, and I started this website to help others. If you have panic disorder, I’m sorry… But because I’ve been through it, hopefully I can help you through it if you just are starting to develop signs and symptoms of panic disorder.

Do You Experience Any of the Following Mental, Emotional or Physical Symptoms?

  • Do you suffer from negative thoughts and worries to the point of obsession?
  • Do you suffer from spontaneous heart racing?
  • Do you often experience hot flashes, especially when you’re anxious?
  • Do you often feel pressure in your chest and throat, followed by an anxiety sensation?
  • Do you often feel detached from your surroundings?
  • Do you often feel afraid that the next anxiety attack might have devastating consequences on your health?
  • Do you constantly battle with unstoppable anxiety thoughts?
  • Do you ever feel anxious in tight, narrow or overly crowded spaces such as cinemas or in public transport?
  • Do you often feel edgy in “conventional” situations?
  • Do you expereience dizzy feelings prior to having a panic attack?
  • Do you often experience erratic breathing and feel afraid to choke or lose your breath completely when having anxious thoughts?
  • Have you ever misdiagnosed your anxiety for a heart attack?
  • Have you ever felt afraid to get stuck in traffic or even to stand still in red lights while driving to work?
  • Have you ever felt extreme fear of leaving your house?

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How to overcome panic attacks
How to Overcome Panic Attacks by yourself at home Stop Severe Anxiety!

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